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Troops Summary Table

Follow the guide on the Empty Troop Listing page if you wish to create a new entry.

The sortable table below shows basic & searchable information for the troops.

Image Troop
1st Trait
2nd Trait
3rd Trait
Arcane Traitstone
Troop Abhorath Abhorath Karakoth Legendary Daemon Gem Blue Purple Arcane Huge Sacrifice Spirit
Troop Abynissia Abynissia Blighted Lands Mythic Daemon Gem Blue Purple Yellow Fireproof Cursed Queen's Grace Blade / Spirit
Troop Acolyte Acolyte Karakoth Rare Human / Mystic Gem Blue Purple Stone Link Cursed Necromancy Spirit
Troop Alastair Alastair Khetar Epic Undead / Knight Gem Red Blue Undead Slayer Avenger Armored Spirit
Troop Alchemist Alchemist Adana Rare Human Gem Red Brown Merchant Fire Link Alert Lava
Troop Amira Amira Leonis Empire Epic Wargare / Rogue Gem Red Purple Mana Shield Stealthy Agile Dark
Troop Ancient Horror Ancient Horror Karakoth Ultra Rare Daemon Gem Brown Purple Cursed Magic Link Stone Spirit Skull
Troop Anointed One Anointed One Darkstone Epic Human Gem Red Blue Water Brand Fast Frenzy Blood
Troop Anubite Warrior Anubite Warrior Khetar Ultra Rare Monster / Mystic Gem Brown Yellow Warded Defender Life Drain Mountain
Troop Apothecary Apothecary Khaziel Ultra Rare Dwarf / Mystic Gem Green Blue Sturdy Merchant Stone Heart Swamp
Troop Archon Statue Archon Statue Whitehelm Rare Divine / Construct Gem Green Brown Undead Slayer Stone Spirit Stoneskin Forest
Troop Armored Boar Armored Boar Grosh-Nak Common Beast Gem Green Beast Bond Grudge Armored Stealth
Troop Astral Spirit Astral Spirit Divinion Fields Ultra Rare Undead / Centaur Gem Yellow Blue Warded Centaur Bond Empowered Blade
Troop Atlanta Atlanta Divinion Fields Epic Human / Rogue Gem Purple Yellow Centaur Slayer Air Link Armor Piercing Plains
Troop Autumnal Imp Autumnal Imp Primal Legendary Elemental Gem Brown Elemental Bond Stone Link Fall Deep
Troop Avina Avina Ghulvania Epic Human Gem Red Purple Undead Slayer Warded Armor Piercing Dark
Troop Aziris Aziris Khetar Epic Undead / Mystic Gem Purple Red Divine Slayer Necromancy Magic Link Dark
Troop Baby Dragon Baby Dragon Dragon's Claw Common Dragon Gem Red Alert Fireproof Fire Spirit Rage
Troop Banshee Banshee Ghulvania Rare Undead Gem Purple Yellow Magic Link Jinx Air Spirit Plains
Troop Barbearius Barbearius Maugrim Woods Epic Wildfolk Gem Red Green Avenger Regeneration Impervious Beast
Troop Bastite Priestess Bastite Priestess Khetar Rare Divine / Monster Gem Yellow Blue Monster Bond Blessed Magic Link Blade
Troop Behemoth Behemoth Pridelands Legendary Monster Gem Blue Brown Siege Impervious Immense Shield
Troop Berserker Berserker Stormheim Ultra Rare Giant Gem Red Blue Frenzy Big Regeneration Blood
Troop Black Beast Black Beast Zaejin Ultra Rare Beast Gem Green Brown Cunning Avenger Regeneration Forest
Troop Blade Dancer Blade Dancer Pan's Vale Ultra Rare Wildfolk Gem Yellow Green Siege Fast Agile Light
Troop Blast Cannon Blast Cannon Khaziel Ultra Rare Mech Gem Red Brown Mech Slayer Stone Link Aflame Lava
Troop Boar Rider Boar Rider Zaejin Rare Goblin / Beast Gem Purple Green Beast Bond Defender Nature Spirit Venom
Troop Bombardier Bombardier Khaziel Rare Dwarf Gem Red Brown Dwarf Bond Sturdy Pyromania Lava
Troop Bombot Bombot Adana Common Mech Gem Brown Mech Bond Sturdy Aflame Deep
Troop Bone Dragon Bone Dragon Khetar Legendary Undead / Dragon Gem Brown Purple Sturdy Cursed Frozen Soul Skull
Troop Bonnie Rose Bonnie Rose Blackhawk Epic Human / Rogue Gem Red Blue Invigorated Fast Water Spirit Blood
Troop Borealis Borealis Glacial Peaks Legendary Dragon Gem Yellow Blue Dragon Bond Insulated Icy Cloak Blade
Troop Brian The Lucky Brian the Lucky Zaejin Epic Human / Knight Gem Green Brown Knight Bond Goblin Slayer Alert Forest
Troop Bul Tauros Bul'Tauros Divinion Fields Epic Centaur Gem Red Yellow Frenzy Sturdy Regeneration Storm
Troop Bunni'Nog Bunni'Nog Pan's Vale Legendary Beast Gem Brown Purple Beast Bond Fast Nasty Teeth Skull
Troop Carnex Carnex Adana Legendary Mech Gem Red Purple Armored Impervious Spiked Armor Dark
Troop Celestasia Celestasia Whitehelm Legendary Divine / Dragon Gem Yellow Blue Dragon Bond Blessed Divine Shield Blade
Troop Centaur Scout Centaur Scout Divinion Fields Common Centaur Gem Yellow Air Spirit Agile Fast Summer
Troop Chimera Chimera Pridelands Ultra Rare Monster Gem Red Green Fire Brand Sturdy Arcane Beast
Troop Cockatrice Cockatrice Maugrim Woods Rare Monster Gem Brown Yellow Flying Air Link Entrapment Mountain
Troop Corrupt Sorceress Corrupt Sorceress Darkstone Ultra Rare Human / Mystic Gem Brown Purple Warded Mana Shield Daemonic Pact Skull
Troop Couatl Couatl Dragon's Claw Epic Dragon Gem Purple Yellow Dragon Bond Mana Shield Agile Plains
Troop Courage Courage Guardians Common Elemental / Construct Gem Red Construct Bond Frenzy Virtue of Courage Rage
Troop Creeper Creeper Blighted Lands Common Daemon / Monster Gem Red Monster Bond Immune Plague Touch Rage
Troop Crimson Bat Crimson Bat Ghulvania Legendary Undead / Monster Gem Red Blue Divine Slayer Cursed Bloodsucking Blood
Troop Cthyryzyx Cthyryzyx Karakoth Epic Daemon Gem Purple Blue Defender Jinx Death Touch Spirit
Troop Cyclops Cyclops Grosh-Nak Rare Giant Gem Red Brown Fire Brand Frenzy Big Lava
Troop Dark Maiden Dark Maiden Zhul'Kari Rare Elf Gem Red Green Nature Link Cursed Snare Beast
Troop Dark Master Dark Master Darkstone Rare Human / Knight Gem Red Purple Knight Bond Cursed Armored Dark
Troop Dark Song Dark Song Grosh-Nak Epic Orc Gem Purple Green Magic Link Jinx Nature Spirit Venom
Troop Death Death Apocalypse Mythic Undead / Daemon Gem Red Blue Purple Necromancy Doom Aspect of Death Spirit / Dark
Troop Deck Hand Deck Hand Blackhawk Rare Human / Rogue Gem Red Blue Rogue Bond Avenger Water Heart Blood
Troop Deep Borer Deep Borer Khaziel Rare Mech / Dwarf Gem Red Blue Mech Bond Water Link Armored Blood
Troop Desdaemona Desdaemona Blighted Lands Epic Daemon / Rogue Gem Red Green Daemon Slayer Stealthy Armor Piercing Beast
Troop Desert Mantis Desert Mantis Leonis Empire Ultra Rare Wildfolk / Monster Gem Brown Yellow Monster Bond Armored Air Link Mountain
Troop Dimetraxia Dimetraxia Darkstone Epic Dragon Gem Red Yellow Dragon Bond Fireproof Pyromania Storm
Troop Dire Wolf Dire Wolf Maugrim Woods Common Beast Gem Green Nature Brand Entrapment Agile Stealth
Troop Djinn Djinn Drifting Sands Rare Elemental Gem Yellow Blue Elemental Bond Water Heart Air Spirit Blade
Troop Dokkalfar Dokkalfar Zhul'Kari Epic Elf / Mystic Gem Brown Purple Sturdy Slippery Daemonic Pact Skull
Troop Draakulis Draakulis Ghulvania Mythic Undead Gem Green Blue Red Warded Armored King's Will Swamp / Blood
Troop DRACOS 1337 DRACOS 1337 Adana Legendary Mech / Dragon Gem Purple Yellow Mech Bond Armored Technomancy Plains
Troop Dragon Cruncher Dragon Cruncher Drifting Sands Epic Giant Gem Red Green Dragon Slayer Big Impervious Beast
Troop Dragon Eggs Dragon Eggs Dragon's Claw Common Dragon Gem Yellow Dragon Bond Fireproof Spawn Summer
Troop Dragon Knight Dragon Knight Sword's Edge Ultra Rare Human / Knight Gem Red Brown Dragon Slayer Alert Armored Lava
Troop Dragonette Dragonette Dragon's Claw Rare Dragon Gem Purple Green Sturdy Fast Magic Spirit Venom
Troop Dragonian Rogue Dragonian Rogue Dragon's Claw Ultra Rare Dragon / Rogue Gem Blue Purple Rogue Bond Stealthy Arcane Spirit
Troop Dragonmoth Dragonmoth Dragon's Claw Ultra Rare Dragon / Beast Gem Yellow Green Flying Nature Spirit Agile Light
Troop Dragotaur Dragotaur Dragon's Claw Rare Dragon / Centaur Gem Green Brown Dragon Bond Dragon Boon Armored Forest
Troop Drake Rider Drake Rider Grosh-Nak Ultra Rare Orc / Dragon Gem Brown Purple Dragon Bond Fireproof Pyromania Skull
Troop Druid Druid Maugrim Woods Ultra Rare Wargare / Mystic Gem Green Blue Water Link Blessed Fast Swamp
Troop Dryad Dryad Forest of Thorns Rare Fey Gem Yellow Blue Fey Bond Blessed Nature Link Blade
Troop Dust Devil Dust Devil Drifting Sands Rare Elemental Gem Brown Yellow Elemental Bond Air Link Empowered Mountain
Troop Dwarf Lord Dwarf Lord Khaziel Rare Dwarf Gem Brown Blue Dwarf Bond Merchant Reinforced Shield
Troop Dwarven Miner Dwarven Miner Khaziel Common Dwarf Gem Brown Greedy Stone Link Impervious Deep
Troop Dwarven Slayer Dwarven Slayer Stormheim Ultra Rare Dwarf Gem Red Yellow Dwarf Bond Frenzy Impervious Storm
Troop Elf-Eater Elf-Eater Grosh-Nak Epic Giant Gem Brown Blue Elf Slayer Stone Brand Regeneration Shield
Troop Elwyn Elwyn Pan's Vale Epic Human Gem Yellow Green Greedy Fey Slayer Alert Light
Troop Emperina Emperina Khaziel Epic Dragon Gem Brown Red Dwarf Slayer Fire Link Aflame Lava
Troop Emperor Khorvash Emperor Khorvash Leonis Empire Legendary Knight / Monster Gem Blue Brown Leader Stoneskin Lion's Wrath Shield
Troop Ettin Ettin Broken Spire Rare Giant / Mystic Gem Brown Blue Big Jinx Empowered Shield
Troop Famine Famine Apocalypse Mythic Daemon / Mystic Gem Yellow Green Brown Jinx Reinforced Aspect of Famine Forest / Mountain
Troop Faunessa Faunessa Pan's Vale Epic Wildfolk / Mystic Gem Purple Yellow Magic Link Alert Empowered Plains
Troop Fel'Dras Fel'Dras Grosh-Nak Epic Orc Gem Red Blue Orc Bond Mystic Slayer Armor Piercing Blood
Troop Fenrir Fenrir Maugrim Woods Epic Wildfolk / Beast Gem Green Blue Beast Bond Leader Nature Spirit Swamp
Troop Ferit Ferit Karakoth Epic Human / Rogue Gem Brown Purple Daemon Slayer Magic Link Arcane Skull
Troop Finley Finley Pridelands Epic Human Gem Yellow Green Human Bond Merchant Alert Light
Troop Fire Lizard Fire Lizard Broken Spire Rare Elemental / Beast Gem Red Yellow Beast Bond Fireproof Pyromania Storm
Troop Flame Cannon Flame Cannon Adana Ultra Rare Mech Gem Red Yellow Siege Armored Aflame Storm
Troop Flesh Golem Flesh Golem Ghulvania Ultra Rare Undead / Construct Gem Red Purple Necromancy Big Regeneration Dark
Troop Forest Guardian Forest Guardian Maugrim Woods Legendary Divine / Beast Gem Yellow Green Beast Bond Invigorated Lord of Beasts Light
Troop Fortress Gate Fortress Gate Broken Spire Common Construct Gem Brown Defender Reinforced Impervious Deep
Troop Frost Giant Frost Giant Stormheim Rare Elemental / Giant Gem Blue Brown Giant Bond Water Brand Big Shield
Troop Gar Nok Gar'Nok Grosh-Nak Legendary Orc Gem Red Yellow Avenger Armored Orclord Storm
Troop Gard's Avatar Gard's Avatar Whitehelm Mythic Divine / Knight Gem Red Yellow Brown Divine Bond Reinforced Divine Right Storm / Mountain
Troop Ghiralee Ghiralee Adana Epic Human Gem Yellow Blue Mech Slayer Mech Bond Reinforced Blade
Troop Ghoul Ghoul Ghulvania Common Undead Gem Brown Human Slayer Stone Link Life Drain Deep
Troop Giant Spider Giant Spider Zhul'Kari Ultra Rare Beast Gem Green Blue Magic Link Big Venomous Swamp
Troop Giant Toad Giant Toad Darkstone Common Beast Gem Green Beast Bond Big Regeneration Stealth
Troop Giant Toadstool Giant Toadstool Zaejin Common Monster Gem Purple Monster Bond Defender Venomous Death
Troop Glade Warden Glade Warden Forest of Thorns Common Elf Gem Green Elf Bond Nature Spirit Armor Piercing Stealth
Troop Gloom Leaf Gloom Leaf Forest of Thorns Legendary Fey Gem Red Green Defender Huge Thorns Beast
Troop Gnoll Gnoll Wild Plains Rare Wildfolk Gem Red Green Fire Brand Frenzy Grudge Beast
Troop Gob-Chomper Gob-Chomper Broken Spire Epic Giant Gem Brown Yellow Goblin Slayer Big Empowered Mountain
Troop Goblin Goblin Zaejin Common Goblin Gem Green Greedy Human Slayer Nature Link Stealth
Troop Goblin King Goblin King Zaejin Legendary Goblin Gem Brown Green Sturdy Regeneration Goblord Forest
Troop Goblin Rocket Goblin Rocket Zaejin Ultra Rare Goblin / Mech Gem Red Yellow Fire Link Fireproof Aflame Storm
Troop Goblin Shaman Goblin Shaman Zaejin Rare Goblin / Mystic Gem Brown Purple Goblin Bond Cursed Sturdy Skull
Troop Golem Golem Karakoth Common Monster / Construct Gem Brown Inscribed Stoneskin Stone Link Deep
Troop Gorgon Gorgon Wild Plains Ultra Rare Tauros / Monster Gem Red Brown Fire Heart Fast Stoneskin Lava
Troop Gorgotha Gorgotha Khaziel Legendary Daemon Gem Brown Yellow Fireproof Daemonic Pact Granite Skin Mountain
Troop Grand Inquisitor Grand Inquisitor Whitehelm Epic Divine / Human Gem Red Yellow Divine Bond Daemon Slayer Air Spirit Storm
Troop Grave Knight Grave Knight Ghulvania Ultra Rare Undead / Knight Gem Brown Purple Undead Bond Stone Spirit Reinforced Skull
Troop Green Seer Green Seer Forest of Thorns Epic Fey Gem Purple Yellow Fey Bond Blessed Alert Plains
Troop Green Slime Green Slime Karakoth Epic Elemental / Monster Gem Green Blue Nature Link Sturdy Jinx Swamp
Troop Griffon Knight Griffon Knight Sword's Edge Rare Knight / Beast Gem Blue Brown Flying Water Spirit Armored Shield
Troop Hag Hag Darkstone Rare Human / Mystic Gem Purple Green Nature Heart Jinx Sturdy Venom
Troop Hellcat Hellcat Blighted Lands Epic Daemon / Beast Gem Purple Yellow Daemon Bond Fireproof Aflame Plains
Troop Hellhound Hellhound Blighted Lands Rare Daemon / Beast Gem Red Green Beast Bond Frenzy Aflame Beast
Troop Herald of Chaos Herald of Chaos Blighted Lands Epic Daemon / Knight Gem Brown Purple Leader Armored Death Touch Skull
Troop Herdmaster Herdmaster Divinion Fields Ultra Rare Centaur Gem Purple Yellow Centaur Bond Leader Air Link Plains
Troop Hippogryph Hippogryph Forest of Thorns Rare Beast Gem Yellow Green Flying Air Spirit Agile Light
Troop Hobgoblin Hobgoblin Zaejin Ultra Rare Goblin Gem Red Green Siege Nature Brand Agile Beast
Troop Honor Honor Guardians Common Elemental / Construct Gem Brown Construct Bond Stoneskin Virtue of Honor Deep
Troop Humility Humility Guardians Common Elemental / Construct Gem Yellow Construct Bond Regeneration Virtue of Humility Summer
Troop Hydra Hydra Wild Plains Legendary Monster Gem Red Blue Water Heart Huge Many Heads Blood
Troop Ice Golem Ice Golem Glacial Peaks Epic Elemental / Construct Gem Blue Brown Construct Bond Chill Touch Stoneskin Shield
Troop Ice Witch Ice Witch Stormheim Epic Fey / Mystic Gem Purple Yellow Magic Link Alert Arcane Plains
Troop Ifrit Ifrit Drifting Sands Epic Elemental Gem Red Yellow Fire Link Insulated Aflame Storm
Troop Imp Of Love Imp of Love Primal Legendary Elemental Gem Red Elemental Bond Fire Link Compassion Rage
Troop Infernal King Infernal King Blighted Lands Legendary Daemon Gem Purple Yellow Fireproof Aflame Immortal Plains
Troop Innkeeper Innkeeper Sword's Edge Common Human Gem Yellow Human Bond Regeneration Air Link Summer
Troop Jackelope Jackelope Glacial Peaks Rare Beast Gem Purple Yellow Alert Air Spirit Agile Plains
Troop Jarl Firemantle Jarl Firemantle Stormheim Legendary Elemental / Giant Gem Red Brown Leader Huge Fiery Cloak Lava
Troop Justice Justice Guardians Common Elemental / Construct Gem Blue Construct Bond Armored Virtue of Justice Stoic
Troop Keeper Of Souls Keeper of Souls Khetar Legendary Undead Gem Brown Purple Necromancy Life Drain Soul Legion Skull
Troop Keghammer Keghammer Stormheim Epic Dwarf Gem Brown Yellow Dwarf Bond Giant Slayer Empowered Mountain
Troop Kerberos Kerberos Maugrim Woods Legendary Daemon / Beast Gem Brown Purple Necromancy Arcane Gate Guardian Skull
Troop Khopeshi Khopeshi Leonis Empire Common Human Gem Blue Human Bond Clobber Armored Stoic
Troop Knight Coronet Knight Coronet Sword's Edge Ultra Rare Human / Knight Gem Yellow Blue Leader Water Spirit Stoneskin Blade
Troop Kraken Kraken Blackhawk Legendary Monster Gem Purple Green Thick Head Huge Tentacles Venom
Troop Kruarg the Dread Kruarg the Dread Grosh-Nak Legendary Daemon / Monster Gem Red Green Daemon Bond Regeneration Voracious Beast
Troop Lady Sapphira Lady Sapphira Whitehelm Epic Undead Gem Brown Yellow Cursed Life Drain Chill Touch Mountain
Troop Lamia Lamia Mist of Scales Ultra Rare Naga / Mystic Gem Red Blue Water Brand Venomous Empowered Blood
Troop Lance Knight Lance Knight Sword's Edge Common Human / Knight Gem Blue Knight Bond Water Link Reinforced Stoic
Troop Lava Elemental Lava Elemental Broken Spire Ultra Rare Elemental Gem Red Brown Fireproof Pyromania Stoneskin Lava
Troop Lil' Johnny Bronze Lil' Johnny Bronze Blackhawk Epic Human / Rogue Gem Brown Yellow Greedy Merchant Impervious Mountain
Troop Lion Prince Lion Prince Leonis Empire Rare Knight / Beast Gem Red Yellow Knight Bond Knockout Armored Storm
Troop Lord Ironbeard Lord Ironbeard Khaziel Epic Dwarf Gem Yellow Blue Dwarf Bond Monster Slayer Stoneskin Blade
Troop Loyalty Loyalty Guardians Common Elemental / Construct Gem Green Construct Bond Nature Spirit Virtue of Loyalty Stealth
Troop Luther Luther Broken Spire Epic Human / Knight Gem Blue Brown Leader Grudge Armored Shield
Troop Mad Prophet Mad Prophet Drifting Sands Common Human / Mystic Gem Purple Human Bond Doom Cursed Death
Troop Manticore Manticore Leonis Empire Ultra Rare Monster Gem Yellow Green Monster Bond Impervious Empowered Light
Troop Marid Marid Drifting Sands Epic Human / Rogue Gem Blue Brown Merchant Stone Link Stealthy Shield
Troop Marilith Marilith Mist of Scales Epic Daemon / Naga Gem Red Green Siege Fire Link Frenzy Beast
Troop Marsh Raptor Marsh Raptor Mist of Scales Ultra Rare Monster Gem Yellow Green Monster Bond Water Link Venomous Light
Troop Mercy Mercy Whitehelm Epic Divine Gem Green Blue Divine Bond Blessed Empowered Swamp
Troop Mimic Mimic Blackhawk Ultra Rare Monster / Construct Gem Brown Purple Greedy Reinforced Stealthy Skull
Troop Mist Stalker Mist Stalker Mist of Scales Rare Monster Gem Red Purple Magic Link Stealthy Fire Spirit Dark
Troop Moa Moa Divinion Fields Common Beast Gem Yellow Air Heart Fast Knockout Summer
Troop Moloch Moloch Whitehelm Legendary Daemon Gem Red Yellow Fireproof Fire Link Suppression Storm
Troop Morthani's Will Morthani's Will Ghulvania Epic Divine / Undead Gem Blue Purple Inscribed Reinforced Armored Spirit
Troop Mummified King Mummified King Khetar Ultra Rare Undead Gem Purple Yellow Undead Bond Necromancy Arcane Plains
Troop Musketeer Musketeer Adana Common Human Gem Red Human Bond Fast Fire Spirit Rage
Troop Naga Queen Naga Queen Mist of Scales Ultra Rare Naga Gem Green Blue Naga Bond Water Link Venomous Swamp
Troop Night Hag Night Hag Darkstone Epic Undead / Mystic Gem Blue Purple Mystic Bond Cursed Warded Spirit
Troop Night Terror Night Terror Zhul'Kari Rare Monster Gem Red Brown Monster Bond Life Drain Magic Spirit Lava
Troop Nobend Brothers Nobend Brothers Zaejin Epic Goblin / Rogue Gem Red Brown Fire Heart Jinx Agile Lava
Troop Northrender Northrender Stormheim Common Human Gem Brown Water Brand Insulated Chill Touch Deep
Troop Nymph Nymph Pan's Vale Rare Fey / Elemental Gem Purple Yellow Fey Bond Nature Link Regeneration Plains
Troop Ogre Ogre Broken Spire Common Giant Gem Blue Frenzy Big Regeneration Stoic
Troop Orc Orc Grosh-Nak Common Orc Gem Red Doom Fire Link Grudge Rage
Troop Orion Orion Divinion Fields Legendary Fey / Centaur Gem Yellow Green Siege Alert True Shot Light
Troop Owlbear Owlbear Forest of Thorns Rare Beast / Monster Gem Green Brown Beast Bond Frenzy Regeneration Forest
Troop Paladin Paladin Whitehelm Rare Divine / Knight Gem Yellow Green Dragon Slayer Air Link Reinforced Light
Troop Peasant Peasant Sword's Edge Common Human Gem Blue Greedy Water Heart Jinx Stoic
Troop Pegasus Pegasus Divinion Fields Rare Beast Gem Yellow Green Flying Fast Arcane Light
Troop Penitent Penitent Whitehelm Common Human Gem Blue Cursed Human Bond Doom Stoic
Troop Pharos-Ra Pharos-Ra Khetar Mythic Divine / Undead Gem Blue Brown Purple Undead Bond Warded Necro Master Spirit / Skull
Troop Pirate Pirate Blackhawk Rare Human / Rogue Gem Yellow Blue Greedy Rogue Bond Water Link Blade
Troop Plague Plague Apocalypse Mythic Daemon / Fey Gem Green Blue Purple Virulence Impervious Aspect of Plague Swamp / Venom
Troop Poison Master Poison Master Mist of Scales Rare Marauder Gem Blue Purple Sturdy Alert Venomous Spirit
Troop Pride Guard Pride Guard Leonis Empire Epic Raksha / Knight Gem Red Green Raksha Bond Alert Armored Beast
Troop Pride Hunter Pride Hunter Pridelands Common Raksha Gem Red Raksha Bond Stealthy Fire Spirit Rage
Troop Priestess Priestess Whitehelm Common Divine / Human Gem Yellow Divine Bond Blessed Regeneration Summer
Troop Psion Psion Darkstone Legendary Daemon Gem Purple Blue Magic Link Alert Siphon Spirit
Troop Quasit Quasit Blighted Lands Common Daemon Gem Purple Daemon Bond Warded Venomous Death
Troop Queen Mab Queen Mab Glacial Peaks Legendary Fey Gem Blue Purple Insulated Arcane Winter Veil Spirit
Troop Queen Ysabelle Queen Ysabelle Sword's Edge Legendary Human / Knight Gem Green Blue Knight Bond Armored For the People Swamp
Troop Ragnagord Ragnagord Divinion Fields Epic Wildfolk Gem Red Brown Wildfolk Bond Fast Fire Spirit Lava
Troop Rakshanin Rakshanin Pridelands Ultra Rare Raksha / Knight Gem Brown Yellow Fast Alert Stealthy Mountain
Troop Ranger Ranger Maugrim Woods Rare Wargare Gem Yellow Green Wargare Bond Air Spirit Armor Piercing Light
Troop Raven Raven Mist of Scales Epic Human / Rouge Gem Red Blue Naga Slayer Stealthy Water Spirit Blood
Troop Reaver Reaver Zhul'Kari Common Elf Gem Green Elf Bond Nature Spirit Agile Stealth
Troop Remnant Remnant Darkstone Common Undead Gem Red Thick Head Reinforced Regeneration Rage
Troop Revenant Revenant Khetar Rare Undead Gem Blue Purple Water Brand Avenger Arcane Spirit
Troop Rex Warrior Rex Warrior Pridelands Rare Raksha Gem Red Blue Frenzy Avenger Regeneration Blood
Troop Rhynax Rhynax Broken Spire Rare Beast Gem Green Brown Beast Bond Sturdy Stone Spirit Forest
Troop Roc Roc Drifting Sands Common Beast Gem Yellow Flying Grudge Arcane Summer
Troop Rock Spirit Rock Spirit Drifting Sands Ultra Rare Elemental Gem Brown Purple Elemental Bond Alert Stoneskin Skull
Troop Rock Troll Rock Troll Khaziel Epic Elemental / Giant Gem Red Purple Indigestible Knockout Stoneskin Dark
Troop Rock Worm Rock Worm Khaziel Common Monster Gem Brown Cunning Stone Heart Stone Spirit Deep
Troop Rowanne Rowanne Forest of Thorns Epic Fey Gem Green Blue Nature Heart Water Spirit Reinforced Swamp
Troop Royal Engineer Royal Engineer Adana Ultra Rare Human Gem Blue Brown Mech Bond Human Bond Fire Link Shield
Troop Runesmith Runesmith Khaziel Ultra Rare Divine / Mystic 25x25px Dwarf Bond Fireproof Fire Link Dark
Troop Sabertooth Lion Sabertooth Lion Pridelands Rare Beast Gem Green Blue Beast Bond Nature Spirit Alert Swamp
Troop Sacred Guardian Sacred Guardian Whitehelm Ultra Rare Divine / Beast Gem Yellow Brown Flying Blessed Armored Mountain
Troop Sacrifice Sacrifice Guardians Common Elemental / Construct Gem Purple Construct Necromancy Virtue of Sacrifice Death
Not Up to Date from Gem Prismatic Down here to be Continued
Troop Salamander Salamander Pridelands Epic Elemental Gem Red Green Elemental Bond Pyromania Fireproof
Troop Satyr Satyr Pan's Vale Common Wildfolk Gem Green Wildfolk Bond Stealthy Nature Spirit
Troop Scale Guard Scale Guard Mist of Scales Common Marauder Gem Red Fire Link Frenzy Venomous
Troop Scarlett Scarlett Maugrim Woods Epic Knight Gem Red Green Leader Beast Slayer Fire Spirit
Troop Serpent Serpent Stormheim Common Beast Gem Blue Cunning Agile Venomous Stoic
Troop Shadow Dragon Shadow Dragon Sword's Edge Legendary Dragon Gem Purple Yellow Magic Link Sturdy Venomous
Troop Shadow-Hunter Shadow-Hunter Pridelands Epic Wildfolk Gem Purple Blue Water Link Magic Spirit Agile
Troop Sheggra Sheggra Broken Spire Legendary Dragon Gem Red Brown Dragon Bond Huge Aflame
Troop Siren Siren Pan's Vale Rare Fey Gem Green Purple Blessed Alert Empowered
Troop Skeleros Skeleros Wild Plains Epic Undead Gem Purple Red Undead Bond Magic Brand Reinforced
Troop Skeleton Skeleton Khetar Common Undead Gem Purple Undead Bond Knight Slayer Reinforced
Troop Soothsayer Soothsayer Wild Plains Rare Wildfolk Gem Brown Green Stone Link Cursed Empowered Forest
Troop Sparkgrinder Sparkgrinder Adana Epic Dwarf Gem Red Yellow Elemental Slayer Construct Bond Reinforced
Troop Spider Queen Spider Queen Zhul'Kari Ultra Rare Elf Gem Green Purple Leader Life Drain Venomous
Troop Spider Swarm Spider Swarm Zhul'Kari Common Beast Gem Red Slippery Sturdy Venomous Rage
Troop Star Gazer Star Gazer Divinion Fields Rare Divine Gem Purple Green Blessed Magic Spirit Empowered
Troop Steam Turret Steam Turret Adana Rare Construct Gem Yellow Brown Construct Bond Fire Spirit Reinforced
Troop Stone Giant Stone Giant Broken Spire Ultra Rare Giant Gem Blue Green Giant Bond Big Stoneskin
Troop Succubus Succubus Blighted Lands Rare Daemon Gem Red Purple Cursed Life Drain Daemonic Pact Dark
Troop Summer Imp Summer Imp Primal Legendary Elemental Gem Yellow Elemental Bond Air Link Aflame
Troop Summoner Summoner Grosh-Nak Rare Marauder Gem Red Purple Magic Heart Jinx Daemonic Pact
Troop Sunweaver Sunweaver Wild Plains Epic Undead Gem Yellow Blue Monster Slayer Jinx Water Spirit
Troop Swamplash Swamplash Mist of Scales Epic Monster Gem Green Brown Monster Bond Nature Link Impervious
Troop Sylvasi Sylvasi Pan's Vale Epic Fey Gem Green Red Nature Brand Stealthy Avenger
Troop Tankbot 2000 Tankbot 2000 Adana Epic Construct Gem Red Brown Fire Brand Fast Reinforced
Troop Tau Tau Sword's Edge Epic Wildfolk Gem Blue Yellow Knight Slayer Dragon Slayer Impervious
Troop Tauros Tauros Wild Plains Common Wildfolk Gem Green Nature Link Sturdy Avenger
Troop Templar Templar Whitehelm Rare Knight Gem Brown Blue Defender Water Link Armored
Troop Terraxis Terraxis Broken Spire Epic Daemon Gem Red Yellow Siege Fire Link Stone Spirit
Troop The Silent One The Silent One Pan's Vale Legendary Daemon Gem Yellow Blue Water Link Jinx Daemonic Pact
Troop Thrall Thrall Darkstone Common Human Gem Purple Human Bond Magic Heart Magic Link
Troop Treant Treant Forest of Thorns Ultra Rare Fey Gem Green Blue Nature Heart Big Stoneskin
Troop Tyri Tyri Zhul'Kari Epic Elf Gem Green Purple Greedy Stealthy Arcane
Troop Valkyrie Valkyrie Stormheim Rare Divine Gem Yellow Red Divine Bond Necromancy Water Link
Troop Vampire Lord Vampire Lord Ghulvania Rare Undead Gem Red Yellow Knight Slayer Life Drain Fire Spirit
Troop Venoxia Venoxia Mist of Scales Legendary Dragon Gem Green Purple Dragon Bond Nature Brand Arcane
Troop War Sphinx War Sphinx Khetar Ultra Rare Monster Gem Blue Purple Water Brand Regeneration Impervious
Troop Warhound Warhound Sword's Edge Rare Beast Gem Green Yellow Beast Bond Frenzy Air Link
Troop Warlock Warlock Karakoth Rare Human Gem Blue Brown Daemon Bond Water Spirit Daemonic Pact
Troop Watcher Watcher Darkstone Ultra Rare Monster Gem Purple Brown Daemon Bond Stone Heart Arcane
Troop Webspinner Webspinner Zhul'Kari Legendary Daemon Gem Green Blue Daemon Bond Sturdy Venomous
Troop Wight Wight Khetar Rare Undead Gem Red Blue Water Link Life Drain Fire Spirit
Troop Wild Fang Wild Fang Wild Plains Epic Marauder Gem Red Blue Wildfolk Slayer Fast Armored
Troop Winter Imp Winter Imp Primal Legendary Elemental Gem Blue Elemental Bond Water Link Impervious
Troop Wolf Knight Wolf Knight Sword's Edge Rare Knight Gem Brown Yellow Fireproof Air Spirit True Shot
Troop Wyvern Wyvern Grosh-Nak Ultra Rare Dragon Gem Brown Green Dragon Bond Sturdy Fast
Troop Zephyros Zephyros Stormheim Epic Giant Gem Yellow Blue Giant Bond Air Link Air Spirit Blade
Troop Zombie Zombie Ghulvania Common Undead Gem Purple Undead Bond Necromancy Magic Spirit Death

Ascending & Leveling Troops

Ascending troops raises their Rarity, base stats and level cap. Ascending troops sacrifices the same troop to make it stronger.

Base Rarity > Number of Troops > New rarity

Use earned souls to raise the level of your troops. Troop levels affect their power in battle. For number of souls needed, see Troop Leveling.

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