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What is Treasure Hunt?

Treasure Hunt in a minigame in which you match items in order to gain rewards. You start off with coins and pouches, and can combine them to create greater quality tokens, such as chests and vaults.

Treasure Hunt Location

TH Location

Treasure hunts happen in the region of Zhul’Kari. Just like for the Arena in Broken Spire, you’ll find the activity located on the bottom right when you click on the kingdom. Or just go on the Mini Games tab on the bottom.

Minigame Location

Once clicked, you will be prompted to use a Treasure map.

TH Start

On the Top right you can see how many Treasure Maps you got.

How to get treasure maps

TM in shop

1) You can buy them in the shop – just go to the rewards screen and buy them for 30 Glory.

2) You can get them any time you make a 7-cascade in a regular match, i.e. matches that lead to 7+ subsequent matches.

3) You can get them as a reward for your guild completing certain tasks.

4) you can get them by using Tyri's spell.

Treasure Hunt Mechanics

Before you start a Treasure Hunt, go to your Guild (if you are in one) and have a look on the Green Guardian:

TH Guild Guardian

you can see there how many Turns more you get when you start a Treasure Hunt. (on this Picture +4)   Here is what a board looks like when you start a game.

On the top left corner, you’ll see a number, it is the number of moves you can make. Once it reaches zero, it’s over.

There are two ways to keep the counter going:

1) Any 4+ match “stabilizes” the counter, that is, the number doesn’t decrease. If I do a 4+ match each turn, the number will stay at 8.

TH Map

2) Any 5+ match gives you an extra turn, that is, the number of available matches increases. You can see here that thanks to several 5+ matches, I now have 31 moves available, which is more than what I started with.

Be careful though: you only gain ONE extra turn per cascade. So even if you get 5 “extra turn” text during a cascade, you will still only gain 

one. So sometimes, it’s better to avoid a cascade in order to actually get 2 extra turns rather than one.


It should also be noted that cascade matches are completed immediately, rather than falling first.

Every 15 Turns you get a random Traitstone (all except Celestial Traitstones) max. 25 Traitstones per game (15*25=375 Turns) if you can even make it so far.

Treasure Hunt Components and Rewards


When you match items, instead of disappearing from the board, they transform into a different one:

  •     3+ bronze coins turn into a silver coin.
  •     3+ silver coins turn into a gold coin.
  •     3+ gold coins turn into a pouch.
  •     3+ pouches turn into a brown chest.
  •     3+ brown chests turn into a green chest.
  •     3+ green chests turn into a red chest.
  •     3+ red chests turn into a vault/motherlode.

When your counter reaches zero, the game rewards you according to what is left on the board.

Here is a breakdown of the rewards for each item:

TH Bronze Coin
TH Silver Coin
TH Gold Coin
TH Pouch
TH Brown Chest
TH Green Chest
TH Red Chest
TH Vault
TH Gold
     1      3     10     30     80    200
TH Soul
     3      8     20     50
TH Glory
     2      6     15     40
TH Gem
     1      2      5
TH Glory Key
     2      6
TH Gem Key

Note that the rewards increase according to the container: you gain more gold if you open a Green Chest

Rewards being counted
than you would for a Pouch for instance.

Getting keys from Vaults and Red chests usually is the best value, but you can adapt your play if you want to farm specific rewards. If you want Gold or Souls for instance, you don't have to aim for Vaults or Red chests, but want to amass Green and Brown chests.

At the end of the game, all of your items disappear from the board in order of value, and you can see the rewards you gain from them accumulating on the right of your screen.

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