There are currently 31 accessible kingdoms in the game which can be unlocked. There are also 3 kingdoms that are not present on the main map, and are only available as units.

Each accessible kingdom provides: Banner, Challenges, Quests, Troops. Some Kingdoms can even give access to a Minigame when unlocked.

Each kingdom also offers attributes: Gem Mastery, Income, Skill Bonus and Tribute, when increasing the Level or Power of them.

Cost to unlock Kingdoms
1st: Free 2nd: 250 3rd: 500 4th: 750 5th: 1,000
6th: 1,250 7th: 1,500 8th: 1,750 9th: 2,000 10th: 2,250
11th: 2,500 12th: 2,750 13th: 3,000 14th: 3,500 15th: 4,000
16th+ onward costs the same as the 15th Kingdom to unlock.

Kingdoms List

Shield Adana
Shield Blackhawk
Shield Blighted Lands
Blighted Lands
Shield Broken Spire
Broken Spire
Shield Darkstone
Shield Divinion Fields
Divinion Fields
Shield Dragon's Claw
Dragon's Claw
Shield Drifting Sands
Drifting Sands
Shield Forest of Thorns
Forest of Thorns
Shield Ghulvania
Shield Glacial Peaks
Glacial Peaks
Shield Grosh-Nak
Shield Karakoth
Shield Khaziel
Shield Khetar
Shield Leonis Empire
Leonis Empire
Shield Maugrim Woods
Maugrim Woods
Shield Mist of Scales
Mist of Scales
Shield Pan's Vale
Pan's Vale
Shield Pridelands
Shield Silverglade
Shield Stormheim
Shield Suncrest
Shield Sword's Edge
Sword's Edge
Shield Whitehelm
Shield Wild Plains
Wild Plains
Shield Zaejin
Shield Zhul'Kari

Baseless Kingdoms

Among the unlockable kingdoms, there are currently three kingdoms that lack a base on the main map, and are only available as units. Because of this, these kingdoms do not have banners, masteries, skill bonuses, offer tribute or have quests. Like other kingdoms, these troops gain a kingdom bonus when used together. With the exception of the Guardians, all of these troops have a very high rarity, starting off at Legendary.

Shield Apocalypse
Shield Guardians
Shield Primal

World Map

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    World Map Detailed 3.0

Bonus Summary Table

The sortable table below shows the Gem Mastery color, Skill Bonus Tribute, Troop and Class Reward for each Kingdom. Here you can see all about Classes.

Shield Banner Kingdom Mastery Skill Bonus Tribute Gold Tribute Glory Tribute Souls Quest Reward Class Reward
Shield Adana Banner Adana Adana Mastery Yellow Armor 175 2 4 Troop Sparkgrinder
HeroClass Mechanist
Shield Blackhawk Banner Blackhawk Blackhawk Mastery Brown Attack 200 1 4 Troop Lil' Johnny Bronze
Lil' Johnny Bronze
Shield Blighted Lands Banner Blighted Lands Blighted Lands Mastery Purple Magic 25 1 32 Troop Herald of Chaos
Herald of Chaos
Shield Broken Spire Banner Broken Spire Broken Spire Mastery Brown Life 200 0 8 Troop Luther
HeroClass Warlord
Shield Darkstone Banner Darkstone Darkstone Mastery Purple Magic 100 2 16 Troop Dimetraxia
Shield Divinion Fields Banner Divinion Fields Divinion Fields Mastery Yellow Life 50 6 8 Troop Atlanta
HeroClass Oracle
Shield Dragon's Claw Banner Dragon's Claw Dragon's Claw Mastery Red Armor 25 7 8 Troop Visk
Shield Drifting Sands Banner Drifting Sands Drifting Sands Mastery Brown Armor 50 4 16 Troop Marid
Shield Forest of Thorns Banner Forest of Thorns Forest of Thorns Mastery Green Attack 75 1 24 Troop Rowanne
HeroClass Archer
Shield Ghulvania Banner Ghulvania Ghulvania Mastery Purple Life 50 0 32 Troop Avina
HeroClass Deathknight
Shield Glacial Peaks Banner Glacial Peaks Glacial Peaks Mastery Blue Armor 50 1 28 Troop Tassarion
Shield Grosh-Nak Banner Grosh-Nak Grosh-Nak Mastery Red Armor 0 2 32 Troop Dark Song
Dark Song
Shield Karakoth Banner Karakoth Karakoth Mastery Purple Magic 50 2 24 Troop Ferit
HeroClass Sorcerer
Shield Khaziel Banner Khaziel Khaziel Mastery Brown Life 250 0 0 Troop Emperina
Shield Khetar Banner Khetar Khetar Mastery Purple Armor 0 0 40 Troop Alastair
HeroClass Necromancer
Shield Leonis Empire Banner Leonis Empire Leonis Empire Mastery Blue Armor 50 7 4 Troop Amira
Shield Maugrim Woods Banner Maugrim Woods Maugrim Woods Mastery Green Life 150 2 8 Troop Scarlett
HeroClass Warden
Merlantis Mastery Blue Life 50 8 0
Shield Mist of Scales Banner Mist of Scales Mist of Scales Mastery Red Armor 125 0 20 Troop Raven
HeroClass Assassin
Shield Pans Vale Banner Pan s Vale Pan's Vale Mastery Yellow Life 25 8 4 Troop Elwyn
Shield Pridelands Banner Pridelands Pridelands Mastery Red Attack 100 4 12 Troop Finley
Shield Silverglade Banner Silverglade Silverglade Mastery Purple Magic 25 6 12 Troop Princess Elspeth
Princess Elspeth
Shield Stormheim Banner Stormheim Stormheim Mastery Blue Life 200 2 0 Troop Keghammer
HeroClass Titan
Shield Suncrest Banner Suncrest Suncrest Mastery Yellow Attack 100 4 8 Troop Tezca
Shield Swords Edge Banner Sword s Edge Sword's Edge Mastery Blue Armor 125 5 0 Troop Tau
HeroClass Knight
Shield Whitehelm Banner Whitehelm Whitehelm Mastery Yellow Armor 0 10 0 Troop Lady Sapphira
Lady Sapphira
HeroClass Priest
50x50px Bear Banner Urskaya Mastery Brown Life 175 1 8 50px
Baba Yaga
Shield Wild Plains Banner Wild Plains Wild Plains Mastery Red Attack 50 8 0 Troop Sunweaver
Shield Zaejin Banner Zaejin Zaejin Mastery Green Life 150 3 4 Troop Sparkgrinder
Brian the Lucky
Shield Zhul'Kari Banner Zhul'Kari Zhul'Kari Mastery Green Magic 0 5 20 Troop Tyri
HeroClass Orbweaver


Once unlocked, each kingdom provides a banner. These banners can be assigned when editing a Team and give mana bonuses when matching gems.


Challenges can be unlocked by completing Quests in a kingdom. Each challenge can be mastered by completing it 5 times; it increases in difficulty and rewards each time. There are six tiers of difficulty and souls are awarded for each. The tiers and their rewards are as follows: Normal(10), Elite (20), Heroic(29), Epic(39), Legendary(195) and finally mastered. The player is rewarded a total of 293 souls for mastering a challenge. A mastered challenge can still be played, but without additional rewards.


Once unlocked, Kingdoms begin at level 1 and can be leveled with gold up to a maximum of 10.

Each level grants you 1 bonus point of Mastery of a particular Gem color and 1% chance of gaining tribute.

Reaching Kingdom Level 10 grants all your Troops +1 to a particular skill (+2 if Kingdom Power is 5 gold stars).

Cost to level Kingdom in total = 122,500 Gold
1 free 2 500 3 1,000 4 2,000 5 4,000
6 8,000 7 15,000 8 22,000 9 30,000 10 40,000


Currently two Kingdoms have access to Minigames.

Broken Spire gives access to the Arena.

Zhul'Kari gives access to the Treasure Hunt

There are two more Kingdoms that have an additional feature.

Drifting Sands has a Dungeon that can be pillaged.

Blighted Lands has the Soulforge that can be used to craft troops, souls, gems and a few other things.


The Power of a Kingdom can increase its income, Tribute and give an additional Skill Bonus.

A Kingdom's Power is determined by the specific Kingdom's troops owned by a player.

Owning a troop grants 50 points (no additional points for multiple copies)

Each level of a troop grants 10 points.

Each unlocked Trait of a troop grants 25 points.

For example: Owning, a Fortress Gate level 12 with one unlocked Trait grants a total of 195 Power to Broken Spire (50 for the troop + 120 for level + 25 for the trait).

Power tiers are:

Power Level


Each accessable Kingdom offers a chain of Quests which include a little story, battles against preset enemies and usually peaks in a "boss battle" against one of the Kingdom's legendary troops.

Completing Quests gives rewards, in addition to the usual rewards awarded to a battle depending on performance, consisting of Gold, Experience, (increased by Armor) increase in income, unlocking Challenges, an epic Troop of the specific Kingdom towards the end of each Quest-Chain (usually the "companion" of the story arch) and for some, specific Kingdoms a Hero Class, or a Weapon.

Skill Bonus

Each Kingdom may grant a Skill Bonus to all troops, if the Kingdom is at level 10. This Bonus may double if the Kingdom Power is at 5 gold stars. Refer to the Summary Table to see which Skill Bonus each Kingdom grants.


Every time you collect your Kingdom income by clicking on your Home Kingdom, each Kingdom you have unlocked has a chance to provide Tribute in addition.

Each Kingdom's Tribute is unique and may include Gold, Glory and/or Souls. See the Summary Table for each Kingdom's particular Tribute. Each Kingdom's Tribute is valued at 10 Glory (where 1 Glory = 4 Souls = 25 Gold), except for Pridelands, whose Tribute is worth 11 Glory.

The chance for each Kingdom to provide Tribute is 1% for every Kingdom Level (up to a maximum of 10%).

More than one Kingdom can provide Tribute at the same time. For every additional Kingdom Tribute received at one time (after the first one), you will also receive 1 Gems and 2 Gold Keys.