Assassin is one of the Hero Classes. It can be unlocked by finishing it's class quests at the end of the Quest-chain in Mist of Scales.


(only one can be active):

  • 10 victories: Dark Armor - The Hero gains +8 Armor.
  • 25 victories: Dark Blade - The Hero gains +4 Attack.
  • 50 victories: Naga's Blessing - The Hero counts as a Naga for Bonuses.

Bonuses and Skills: (at level 20)

  • +20 Purple Gem Mastery.
  • The hero counts as a troop from Mist of Scales for Bonuses (activates at level 10)
  • +7 Attack
  • +5 (when using a red weapon)
  • +9 Armor
  • +4 Health

Unique Weapon

Serpentine Dagger Serpentine Dagger
Cost 13 Gem Red
Desc. Deal [Magic + 6] damage to an enemy and Poison them. There is a 10% chance to kill them, 20% if they are already Poisoned.
Avail. Achieve 250 victories with this Class to unlock a special Class Weapon.


Trait Sturdy Sturdy
Immune to Poison.
Stone Minor Red x18 Stone Runic Red x10 Stone Runic Purple x10
Trait Venomous Venomous
Poison enemies when doing Skull damage.
Stone Minor Red x26 Stone Major Red x12 Stone Arcane Dark x10
Trait Assassinate Assassinate
10% Chance to assassinate the last enemy when I deal Skull damage.
Stone Minor Red x34 Stone Arcane Dark x6 Stone Celestial x2

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