Archer is one of the Hero Classes. It can be unlocked by finishing the class quests at the end of the Quest-chain in Forest of Thorns.


(only one can be active):

  • 10 victories: Unerring Aim - The Hero gains +4 Attack.
  • 25 victories: Quickshot - The Hero gains +2 Magic.
  • 50 victories: Elf Friend - The Hero counts as an Elf for Bonuses.

Bonuses and Skills: (at level 20)

  • +20 Green Gem Mastery.
  • The hero counts as a troop from Forest of Thorns for Bonuses (activates at level 10)
  • +6 Attack
  • +5 Magic (when using a green weapon)
  • +8 Armor
  • +7 Health

Unique Weapon

Dragon Oak Dragon Oak
Cost 14 Gem Green
Desc. Deal [5 + Magic] damage to an enemy, remove all Gems of one of that troop's Mana Colors to boost the effect.
Avail. Achieve 250 victories with this Class to unlock a special Class Weapon.


Trait Nature Heart Nature Heart
Gain 1 Life for each Green ally.
Stone Minor Green x18 Stone Runic Green x10 Stone Runic Green x10
Trait Fast Fast
Start battles with 50% Mana.
Stone Minor Green x26 Stone Major Green x12 Stone Arcane Stealth x10
Trait Bullseye Bullseye
15% chance for Skull damage to be lethal
Stone Minor Green x34 Stone Arcane Stealth x6 Stone Celestial x2

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